About AR Wasi – Bring Your Print Ads to Life with Interactive Content

For users

AR Wasi enables users to learn more about special offers and deals offered by businesses simply by scanning an AR marker. For example, you can visit your favourite restaurant and use the AR Wasi app to scan an image on the table top display or on the menu to reveal the AR content and learn more about the offer.

For Businesses

Businesses can use the AR Wasi app to deliver engaging video and 3D content via their advertisements to improve customer engagement and track the return on investment. AR Wasi reports allow businesses to see how their customers are engaging with their advertisements and determine which ads are performing well.

AR Wasi app enables businesses to link printing advertising with digital content using augmented reality to bring print to life.

What is an AR Marker?

An AR Marker is a printed image that deliver video or 3D content using augmented reality. Images that has augmented reality content will show the AR Wasi logo. Simply load up the app, click on Scan AR Content and point the device’s camera at the image to load augmented reality content.

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